The Water Diviner

This page is somewhat ‘historical’ now, as the Hidden Treasures shop no longer operates,
the best place to find information about the locations may well be the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery

Because there was local locations and participation we have kept the page open – just in case you are interested in following the trail.

Interested in finding out more about SA’s links to ‘The Water Diviner’?

Channel 7 will show the World TV Premier of “The Water Diviner” on Monday 20th April at 9pm

Timing is perfect for those who wish to remember this famous Nationally significant event in Australian History, as Australia celebrates 100 years since the Landing of Gallipoli

Russell Crowe shows the film from both sides of this tragic battle which has become of profound importance to the national identity of both Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.

You may find this reference from the Australian War Memorial entitled “Gallipoli a Turkish view” of interest.

We encourage you to attend your local ANZAC DAY SERVICE – 25th April, check your local papers for details.
Eudunda & Robertstown details can be found here

Eudunda Web Portal posted a photo of the February screening at Blyth Cinema’s read it here

 Local Links:

Talk to the locals to find out more about where they filmed and what they did. 

  • Burra Visitor Centre – the best place to start your trip in the Burra area.
  • Flinders Ranges Visitor Information Centre – the best place to start your trip in the Quorn area.
  • Hidden Treasures of Eudunda – Visit Judy and staff as the best place to start your trip in the Eudunda area. (Shop no longer exists)
  • Blyth Cinema  – ‘Local Premiere’ Screening of the movie at Blyth Cinema
  • Sambell’s South Australian Tours – Gawler based tour provider who can customise the tour for you to enjoy the experience depending on your needs. 0417 826 560

 ‘The Water Diviner – Screening from Today’ (26th Dec)

Florence Knight at The Water Diviner (First Public Viewing on 26th Dec 2014)

Florence Knight (ex Eudunda Resident) at First Public Viewing of ‘The Water Diviner’ on 26th Dec 2014)

With the premier in Australia of the Blockbuster ‘The Water Diviner’ a film by Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe screening in cinemas from today – the 26th December, many people are keen to see and feel part of the story by visiting the areas in South Australia were some of the magic was recorded back in Jan 2014. The journey has already begun for some.

[pullquote]We hope to help guide you to the right spots, the highlights so that you can enjoy your own personal experience as you follow the trail of where the movie was shot.[/pullquote]

Our Aim:

Our aim here is to help guide you to the right spots, the highlights and to point out where you should not enter. Some of the film locations are on private property, others right off the road or behind locked gates. So that you can enjoy your own personal experience as you follow the trail of where the movie was made and see the spots in the story that match up “and not upset anyone locally who may want their privacy or other safety reasons”.

 ‘The Making of The Water Diviner’

The Mid North of South Australia were proud hosts for the actors & production crew making the Australian part of this great film, with areas of Quorn, Burra and Eudunda being captured to show the rugged, tough country that the main character ‘Joshua Connor’ and his family had settled in.

Channel 7 showed ‘The Making of The Water Diviner’ on Dec 5th at 11:45pm –  this amazing and inspiring episode went behind the scenes of the upcoming blockbuster The Water Diviner with interviews from director Russell Crowe and cast. It was a great story in itself – just can’t wait to see the movie!

PLUS7 – The making of the Water Diviner – was a fantastic insight into the making of the movie and there were glimpses of local scenes for those who recognised them. Unfortunately the video clip was removed from YouTube after 28 days (just on the release of the Movie – as they had promised).

The Water Diviner Official Trailer #1 on YouTube has also been removed It was a fascinating look into the movie behind the scenes. Hope you got to see it.


Ian Roberts of the Blyth Cinema says ‘We start with a local screening “premiere” for Burra & Eudunda residents on Sun 8th Feb as some of the movie was made over there, then running for a couple of weeks as below. We … decided to wait until holidays are over & locals are able to attend.’

The Water Diviner dates & times at Blyth Cinema: Tues 10th Feb 2.00pm, then 11th to 18th Feb

We hope to bring more links to you as we find out other resources and information. For those taking the trip – we would like to have your feedback.

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Online Reviews

Russell Crowe speaks to The Advertiser on the Burra set of his Gallipoli film The Water Diviner – Article in The Advertiser by Callie Watson
Lots of local details in this article – well done to Callie and the Advertiser.

A New Zealand Herald Interview with Russell Crowe (very nice interview)
Thoroughly Russell Crowe – fan site with some great up to date resources on ‘The Water Diviner’
Anzac landing told from fresh perspective in The Water Diviner – very powerful review and words from Sydney Morning Herald writer Charles Waterstreet.

More Links:

We hope these links will inspire you to see the film and come visit our area to be inspired: – several photos, the plot, and the film trailer are available here. is a very good resource of information – links to many of the actors etc. (consider donating to WikiMedia to keep this resource free).