Swann Insurance 24 Hour Trial 11-12 July 2015

This time next weekend riders who have survived the night will be on the home stretch – lap 4 and a grand finish.

Yes it will be the Swann Insurance 24 Hour Trial on again. This event is the biggest event attendance wise that Eudunda holds biannually, with generally 10-15,000 people attending over the weekend, with many arriving Friday to set up controls. This includes, riders, support crew, family, friends, officials, some 25 controls, looked after by dedicated people from the various motorcycle clubs and other supports, and many spectators who just come and watch the riders battle the elements, time, nature, themselves both physically and mentally and ‘Luck’.

After everyone sees off the 165 bikes and riders at the Eudunda Oval on the 11th July 2015 at the Eudunda Oval riders will have ridden throughout the night to return to Main Control at Eudunda on Sunday, with the first bike scheduled to return at 11am Sunday.

Mark Launer - Tyson Rohrlach 2013 start of the Swann Insurance 24 Hour

Mark Launer – Tyson Rohrlach  will be first away for 2015 at the Swann Insurance 24 Hour starting from Eudunda, 11am on the 11th July 2015 – above archive photo shows them leaving Eudunda in the 2013 trial.

The first bike away is last year’s winning sidecar team of Mark Launer and Tyson Rohrlach, leaves at 11am. Spectators can expect to see a tough battle between experienced well known riders such as Shane Diener, The Throup twins Sean and Tristan, Rowan Pumpa and Brendan Roberts and the younger riders of last year’s 24 Hour winner Todd Barry, this year’s series leader Toby Lewis, Sam Wegener and Nelson Lewis.

The 24 Hour is privileged to have 16 interstate entries from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania take on the challenge  of  the 2015 Swann Insurance 24 Hour as well.

We wish all riders a safe and enjoyable ride.

Traditionally the 24 Hour has also had great support from spectators, flocking to see the action, and the 24 Hour planning committee has once again set up special “Spectator areas” where you can safely go to see some of the great action. We encourage everyone to attend the finish on Sunday and to stay to cheer every rider who returns.

To find out where to go and to see the riders off, call at the Eudunda Oval and grab a programme which will have interesting stories about the trial and the much appreciated map showing people where to go to the Spectator areas, the rider entry list, sponsors and more.

Article about this year’s Swann Insurance 24 Hour at the website

Spectator areas are being readied, there will be toilet and lighting at each thanks to our sponsors Coates Hire.
Make sure you take your rubbish with you, There will be no camping unless authorised.
Access roads to competitive stages and controls may be restricted, so please watch out for signs.
Best way to find out what is good is to come to Main Control at Eudunda, grab a programme which includes a map and work things out from there. Above all, Drive/Ride Carefully.

Find out more about the event, videos too, at the website