Probus Remembers Colin Thiele – ‘His Work and Legacy’

The theme used by our guest speaker, Peter, Herriman was remembering Colin Thiele – ‘His Work and Legacy’ presented by the Le Rees Archives at the University of Canberra.

Probus Eudunda Meeting - Nov 2016 - Colin Thiele

Probus Eudunda Meeting – Nov 2016 – Colin Thiele


Peter & Jenny presented a video of talks that were done by the University of Canberra back in June 2013 and had approval from the University to show it to the local people of Eudunda. They remembered that it would have been Colin’s birthday on the 11th November, and it is also 10 years in September 2016 since his death.

Peter began by acknowledging the hall committee for all the work they do to provide equipment for the hall including the big screen and sound.

The first speaker was professor Nick Clomp, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Education of the University and also a member of the Board of the Le Rees Archives in Australian Children’s Literature talking on the Lutheran Archives in Canberra and holds a big collection of Colin Thiele works.

The second speaker was Janne Minge (Colin’s daughter) talking about her childhood memories of her father. Colin had unique intellect and was well organised and patient. She described him as a top mentor and teacher. He liked to work alone, received many letters nearly every day and would reply to all of them. He suffered from severe arthritis for many years and at the age of 75 said “he passed the used by date”. 2006 his heart collapsed and he passed away peacefully with his family.

The third speaker was John Sheedy, Director of the Barking Gecko Theatre Company who produced a Stage Production of Storm Boy. The boy and the birds and the boy that didn’t have to go to school. John worked on a theatre production of the story. For the pelicans he come up with 3 puppets, which worked well and he took photos for the background of the landscape along the Coorong. The piano played soft music to back it up.

Some members were also able to tell us stories of memories they had about Colin as a teacher, neighbour and relative.

Peter also advised that there were other speakers at this function and would be happy enough to come back sometime and show them as well.

Vice-President Anne Trayling thanked Peter and Jenny for supporting Probus with many various topics throughout the year, and presenting a lovely gift basket of gingerbread biscuits.

Probus Eudunda Meeting - Nov 2016 Behind the Group watching - Colin Thiele Video

Probus Eudunda Meeting – Nov 2016 Behind the Group watching – Colin Thiele Video