Flood Watch Roundup Jan 2015

Eudunda & the Mid North prepare for Floods.

10th Jan 2015 – Mid Afternoon – Residents of Eudunda and Southern Goyder in the Mid North of SA
have been on Flood Watch alert after the forecast for a major event this weekend from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Eudunda - Gustav & Dog Entrance with late evening fog & rain after floods

Eudunda – Gustav & Dog Entrance with late evening fog & rain after flood watch

The Flinders and Far North have massive rains and flooding prior to the warnings down South, stranding communities and travellers.
Locally we do really well with appreciated steady rain.

Several days later the Bureau of Meteorology  CANCELLED the threat in Lower SA (expected in the Flinders district)

Relatively cold for Summer was experienced for a few days, along with either fog or low cloud, timing wise – just when ‘Learn to Swim’ was on at the Pool (strange how it always seems to be cold those weeks).

One last downpour overnight of the 13~14 Jan was possibly the most cause of any problems with some local flooding on streets and some minor land erosion.
Facebook messages suggest that some houses leaked with a fair amount of rain inside. Most receive about 30-40mm overnight.

Praise must go to BOM for broadcasting the alert (better safe knowing it is a threat) and emergency services for their work, especially so after having such a busy time with the Sampson Flat Bushfires.