Eudunda Sporting Clubs Appeal for Volunteers – 8th & 9th July

The Eudunda Sporting Club is hosting this year’s Swann Insurance 24 Hour Reliability Trial on the 8th -9th of July at Eudunda.

This community event is a major Fundraiser for our Club but we require help to ensure that is runs smoothly.

24 Hour Trial - Rider Briefing at Eudunda 2015

24 Hour Trial – Rider Briefing at Eudunda 2015 – They all need feeding!

Our Club incorporates the :
Southern Saints Football Club,
the Eudunda/Robertstown Netball Club,
the Eudunda Robertstown Cricket Club,
the Eudunda Tennis Club
and the Eudunda Basketball Club
and we are currently planning a major redevelopment of our Clubrooms.

We are looking for community members who are willing to assist us with catering for the trial.

We have a roster for workers for the BBQ, the canteen and for rider’s meals.

We are also seeking donations of soup, cake and eggs.

If you are able to donate your time or goods please contact
Louise Schutz by phone 0411952870 or
Chantel Schutz by phone 0427201361.

2 - Shane (Crash) Schiller - Steven (Stiff) Doecke

2 – Shane (Crash) Schiller – Steven (Stiff) Doecke – at start of their last 24 Hour (they won the Open Sidecar this year 2015)

A quick summary:
The 24 Hour is a major event, not just for Eudunda, but is the ‘premier’ Motorcycle event of the year. If the weather is good, it can draw an attendance of about 15,000 people over the whole weekend (which starts seriously on Friday with setup).

The Rider Draw photo is the Eudunda Show Hall full of riders who are competing, they all need feeding and support throught the 24 Hours. Spectators flock to the oval at the especially at the start which is 11am on Saturday morning. Riders leave at 1 minute intervals and it takes approximately 3 hours for all riders to leave on the first of four laps. Spectators and support crews then spread around the district to various vantage points to watch the action, barrack for thier friends and to have a good time out in the open. Riders return to Main Control 6 hours later for a quick break and then cycle continues.

Some Photos from Main Control (Eudunda Oval) at the start of 2015

People are needed to supply meals to the riders when they return, and everyone else at various times.
This is where the Sporting Clubs come in to the picture.
Can you help them to make everyone’s time at the 24 Hour – Eudunda a great one?

Want to find out more about the Swann Insurance 24 Hour?