Eudunda Probus Sails The Seas With Andy At August Meeting

The Probus Club of Eudunda & Districts Inc.

Andy Riemekasten speaks at Eudunda Probus August Meeting 2019

Andy Riemekasten speaks at Eudunda Probus August Meeting 2019

President Fay welcomed 23 members and 2 visitors to the August 21st Probus Club meeting. 

Andy Riemekasten gave an illustrated talk, having joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1973 as a junior recruit and spent a year at H.M.A.S. Leeuwin training centre near Fremantle, W.A. training in seamanship. Andy did his gunnery training at H.M.A.S. Cerberus as a fire control operator, using the fire control computer that fires the 4.5 inch guns. Andy told about his experiences as a ship’s diver on his South East Asia deployment aboard H.M.A.S. Torrens in 1979.

Andy spoke about and showed the Royal Australian Navy Ensign, highlighting two examples of extreme valour, that exemplified the bravery of those that served and fought under the White Ensign flag.

Having recently visited Honolulu and Pearl Harbour, Andy inspected the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and toured the Battleship Missouri where the Japanese surrender officially took place with America and Japan at the end of World War II.

Vice President Elizabeth Young presented a Probus Pen to Andy, on behalf of the Eudunda Probus Club.