Eudunda / Robertstown Carers Link

Eudunda Carers’ Center
7 Bruce Street, Eudunda
phone (08) 8562 4000 for more details

Opportunity Shop
Wed – 10:00am to 1:30pm
Fri –    10am to 2:00pm
Sat – 10am to  2:00pm

Items you might find here will vary all the time,
Why not take the “Opportunity” to drop in and
Explore as you are likely to find:

A Bargain!!! and some very friendly Volunteers.
Categories: Clothing, Shoes, Books, Toys, Crockery & Utensils.

Contact 08 8562 4000 (Carers’ Link Barossa  & Districts Inc.) for more details.

Please note that items will change almost daily, so grab something you see straight away. The prices are so cheap you won’t regret it.