Totally Locally Eudunda

We had a preview at the Eudunda Christmas Street Parade,
Now we get to see the full blown promotion in action.

Totally Locally Eudunda will launch at 8:30am.
Unfortunately – not quite sure if it is at the Eudunda Post Office (where Garage Sale Maps being sold)
or in the Main Street of Eudunda.

If you want to see the launch get there a bit earlier and ask at the Post Office.

totally locally eudunda flier

totally locally eudunda flier

 We wish them all the best.

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Announcing Totally Locally Eudunda’s first public meeting:

Meeting Jan 21 of 2013 for Totally Locally Eudunda

Click to download the Download PDF – Totally Locally Eudunda Poster for first public meeting (full size of above)


A new committee with fresh new community management ideas, great drive and enthusiasm to work for the betterment Eudunda, and ultimately the region.

Totally Locally Eudunda committee had their first public showing at the Eudunda Christmas Street Parade and Party.

They have been working hard behind the scenes for quite some time, and have some great plans to get Eudunda moving on toward 2020.

totally-locally-eudunda-in-street-parade-first-timeHitting the streets of Eudunda with new plans and enthusiasm – the Totally Locally Eudunda Committee
parade in the Eudunda Street Parade – 2012.



Totally Locally Eudunda committee readies to go in the Eudunda Street Parade for the first time.The Totally Locally Eudunda Committee ready to go in the parade in the Eudunda Street Parade – 2012